I-39Bonjour Records

6/1~6/30 土日 20:00~ 4時間番組

[[ Persistence / Daniel Maunick ]][[ selected by bonjour records ]]
ArraiaDaniel Maunick
Persistence (Keep On)Daniel Maunick
Bitter RegretDaniel Maunick
IllusionsDaniel Maunick
The Love Has GoneDaniel Maunick
Remnants Of JoyDaniel Maunick
Just DesertsDaniel Maunick
Shadow BoxerDaniel Maunick
Addicted (2U)Daniel Maunick
A Second ChanceDaniel Maunick
PromessaDaniel Maunick
[[ Emotional Eternal / Melody’s Echo Chamber ]][[ selected by bonjour records ]]
Emotional EternalMelody’s Echo Chamber
Looking BackwardMelody’s Echo Chamber
Pyramids In The CloudsMelody’s Echo Chamber
The HypnotistMelody’s Echo Chamber
Personal MessageMelody’s Echo Chamber
Where The Water Clears The IllusionMelody’s Echo Chamber
A Slow Dawning Of PeaceMelody’s Echo Chamber
Alma The VoyageMelody’s Echo Chamber
[[ Wet Leg / Wet Leg ]][[ selected by bonjour records ]]
Being In LoveWet Leg
Chaise LongueWet Leg
AngelicaWet Leg
I Don’t Wanna Go OutWet Leg
ConvincingWet Leg
Loving YouWet Leg
Ur MumWet Leg
Oh NoWet Leg
SupermarketWet Leg
It’s A ShameWet Leg
[[ Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You / Big Thief ]][[ selected by bonjour records ]]
ChangeBig Thief
Time EscapingBig Thief
Spud InfinityBig Thief
CertaintyBig Thief
SparrowBig Thief
Little ThingsBig Thief
Flower Of BloodBig Thief
Blurred ViewBig Thief
Red MoonBig Thief
No ReasonBig Thief
Wake Me Up To DriveBig Thief
12,000 LinesBig Thief
Simulation SwarmBig Thief
[[ Antidawn / Burial ]][[ selected by bonjour records ]]
Strange NeighbourhoodBurial
Shadow ParadiseBurial
New LoveBurial
Upstairs FlatBurial
[[ For The Love Of You 1 / V.A.]][[ selected by bonjour records ]]
Rocking You EternallyPeter Hunningale
Juicy FruitChristine Lewin
Don’t Let Love Get You DownPure Silk
OustandingAl Charles
I Want To Be FreeKaren Dixon
Mellow Mellow Ride OnMisses Misty

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