D-03usen for Cafe Apres-midi

7/9~8/26  金 10:00~ 2時間番組

【 Brunch-time 10:00 to 12:00 】( compiled by Fat Masa )
Dawn(Dub’s Dub)LuvMasterX
I’m Not In LoveDub Master X
Be Thankful For What You Gott(Dub)Lord Echo
Anything You WantDinah Brown Feat. Trevor Walters
A Fair Affair(Je T’aime)Misty Oldland
You’ll Never Get To Heaven54-46
RunawayCarol Dexter
I Saw The Light(Original Version)Reggae Disco Rockers
Summer Without YouL.A.Transit
Love GuaranteeYoung Gun Silver Fox
Good Times Bad TimesMackey Feary
Don’t TalkLarry Lee
Brazilian Rhyme(Extended Version)Earth,Wind & Fire
Deja VuPaulinho Da Costa
Guarde Minha VozSandra De Sa
EstrelarMarcos Valle
Vem MeninaEmilio Santiago
EvaRobson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti
Usa E AbusaSandra Sa
SurrealJoao Donato & Donatinho
Good Look For YouGavin Turek
My Name Is DosCyndi Seui
X’s & O’s佐藤博
Do Need YouMarlene
In Your Car(12” Version)The Cool Notes
DremsSophie & Peter Johnston
Loving You(The Long Hot Summer Mix)Massivo Featuring Tracy

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