D-03usen for Cafe Apres-midi

5/21~7/8 日 22:00~ 2時間番組 

【 Dinner-time 22:00 to 0:00 】( compiled by Koji Takahashi )
Forest Of Grey TimeH1987
Turns Within Me Turns Without MeThe Paper Kites
I’ll Keep You Safe(UK Version)Sleeping At Last
FireworksFirst Aid Kit
Come Say HelloClouds And Thorns
Wash Me AwayOld Sea Brigade
A Silent CauseThe Paper Kites
Silent MoviesAquilo
When I Grow OldCallum James
Fear Of The WaterSyml
Reminders,DefeatsJesse Marchant
Watched You Dance At SundownOwsey
PatienceEden Fox
Haven LeaLists
May I Have This DanceMeadowlark
To Live A LifeFirst Aid Kit
SleepwalkerJulie Byrne
Love Brought WeightOld Sea Brigade
Leave Like ThatSyml  Feat. Jenn Champion
Dirty ShoesEden Fox
Portrait 19The Paper Kites
Get LightZola Blood
The WarHaux
Song Of The MogwaiMoon Racer
First RainTeen Daze
Falling DeeperKisnou  Feat. Blure
Idle TownConan Gray
Natural BlueJulie Byrne
A Break In The CloudsLists

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