D-03usen for Cafe Apres-midi

12/26~1/14 毎日 19:00~ 1時間番組 2017 Best Selection

【 Cafe Apres-midi 2017 Best Selection 】( compiled by Shusaku Nakagami )
Fe Fe Naa EfeLaurent De Wilde
Have You HeardMarc Berthoumieux
Swingin’ At The HavenChristian Tamburr
I Can’t Help ItKlaus Mueller
JogralBryn Roberts & Lage Lund
HereJeanette Lindstrom
The Space In BetweenWolfgang Haffner
You’re Everything A Love Should Be(Feat. Bora Uzer)Ozan Musluoglu
Beauty SpeaksChantae Cann
Beauty Speaks InterludeChantae Cann
PhoenixYaron Herman
CantorumPenguin Cafe

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