4/21~4/27 2時間番組リピート放送 0:00スタート

You Are HereYo La Tengo
Shades Of BlueYo La Tengo
She May,She MightYo La Tengo
For You TooYo La Tengo
AshesYo La Tengo
Polynesia #1Yo La Tengo
Dream Dream AwayYo La Tengo
ShortwaveYo La Tengo
Above The SoundYo La Tengo
Let’s Do It WrongYo La Tengo
What Chance Have I GotYo La Tengo
Out Of The PoolYo La Tengo
Here You AreYo La Tengo
When Melody’s FallingMelody Fall
Italian Red WineMelody Fall
I’m Still MeMelody Fall
Angry Song Part 2Melody Fall
You Laugh At Me But I’ve Never Been More SeriousMelody Fall
Banana DanceMelody Fall
Where’d You GoMelody Fall
InvincibleMelody Fall
Chemical ReactionMelody Fall
We’ll Never BreakdownMelody Fall
CaramelizeFrankie Cosmos
ApathyFrankie Cosmos
As Often As I CanFrankie Cosmos
This StuffFrankie Cosmos
JesseFrankie Cosmos
DuetFrankie Cosmos
AccommodateFrankie Cosmos
I’m FriedFrankie Cosmos
Ballad Of R & JFrankie Cosmos
Being AliveFrankie Cosmos
Bus Bus Train TrainFrankie Cosmos
CafeteriaFrankie Cosmos
The EndFrankie Cosmos
Same ThingFrankie Cosmos
VesselFrankie Cosmos

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