3/1~3/31 月~木 6:00~、18:00~ 金・土・日 4:00~、20:00~ 2時間番組

Die YoungBlack Sabbath
The SentinelJudas Priest
Another Piece Of MeatScorpions
Don’t Hold BackRiot
Murders In The Rue MorgueIron Maiden
Scream Of AngerEurope
Metal MilitiaMetallica
Lay Down Your ArmsMadison
Hall Of The Mountain KingSavatage
Bark At The MoonOzzy Osbourne
Darkness Has ReturnedBlack Earth
Black Earth (Live)Black Earth
The Immortal (Live)Black Earth
Dead Inside (Live)Black Earth
Pilgrim (Live)Black Earth
Diva Satanica (Live)Black Earth
Angelclaw (Live)Black Earth
Bury Me An Angel (Live)Black Earth
Dark Insanity (Live)Black Earth
Eureka (Live)Black Earth
Idolatress (Live)Black Earth
Cosmic Retribution (Live)Black Earth
Demoniality (Live)Black Earth
Transmigration Macabre (Live)Black Earth
Beast Of Man (Live)Black Earth
Silverwing (Live)Black Earth
Bridge Of Destiny (Live)Black Earth

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