6/1~6/30 月~木 6:00~、18:00~ 金・土・日 4:00~、20:00~ 2時間番組

Opening SE (Live)Riot
Narita (Live)Riot
Ride Hard Live Free (Live)Riot
Fight Or Fall (Live)Riot
On Your Knees (Live)Riot
Metal Soldiers (Live)Riot
Johnny’s Back (Live)Riot
Wings Are For Angels (Live)Riot
Fire Down Under (Live)Riot
Hard Lovin’ Man (Live)Riot
Metal Warrior (Live)Riot
Sign Of The Crimson Storm (Live)Riot
Fall From The Sky (Live)Riot
Outlaw (Live)Riot
Black Leather And Glittering Steel (Live)Riot
Still Your Man (Live)Riot
Angel Eyes (Live)Riot
Altar Of The King (Live)Riot
Flight Of The Warrior (Live)Riot
Bloodstreets (Live)Riot
Take Me Back (Live)Riot
Road Racin’ (Live)Riot
Tokyo Rose (Live)Riot
Rock City (Live)Riot
Warrior (Live)Riot
Land Of The Rising Sun (Live)Riot
Swords And Tequila (Live)Riot
Thundersteel (Live)Riot

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